Strength for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

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We’re excited that you have made a commitment to receive Jesus Christ as your Savior and serve Him as your Lord. This is the most important and impactful decision of your life!

Praying the prayer of salvation is the beginning of your journey with Christ.  Next, is to become a disciple by allowing yourself to grow in Him. 

4 Steps to Spiritual Growth 

Understanding Relationship

Christianity is often thought to be a religion riddled with rules, rituals, and requirements.  You may be surprised to know that accepting Jesus your life isn't joining a religion.  Instead, you began a relationship that can forever change the course of your life.   

This life-transformation doesn't come by way of your effort or hard work.  Jesus does the work. In fact, you can't successfully change your life.  Your job is to follow His leading. 

Power of Prayer

Prayer is two-way communication with God. It is simply talking (and listening) to God as you would to a friend. It doesn't require folded hands or bended knees.  In fact, throughout the day, you can be talking to God in your thoughts or aloud...wherever you are.  He is always listening.

Does God answer every prayer?  No.  Since He is the only One who can see the "big picture"--knowing all things past, present and future--it wouldn't be in our best interest to answer all of our short-sighted requests.  Trust Him.  No matter what comes our way, all things work together for our good.

Bible Study

The Bible is the Word of God. Its consumption is as necessary to our spiritual well-being as food is to our natural bodies.  In it, we can understand God's character, His covenant with us, our rights and position as His children.   

  • Plan a study time.  Decide on a time and place to study God's Word.  Make it a daily habit, like eating.  

  • Pray.  Ask God to help you understand what you read. 

  • Read and re-read.   The Bible is full of revelation.  As you read and re-read, God will begin to expand your understanding. 

  • Take notes.  As you read, take notes on scriptures and messages that stand out.  If there are questions, write them as well.  This will allow you to document the answers as you receive them. 


Make Godly Connections

One of the most important things as you're starting your Christian walk to involve yourself in a Bible-based church.  Become planted, participate, volunteer, form friendships--connections with those committed to walking uprightly are invaluable and a necessary component of spiritual growth.  

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